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Curriculum For Logos Christian School

How would you describe the Curriculum?

The seven pillars of our curriculum are: Christian, Classical, Charlotte Mason, Conservatory of Fine Arts, Character training, Charity, and a Children’s Garden.

As a Christian school, we follow a discipleship model. We clearly teach the Word of God and salvation through Jesus Christ. We believe that Christian discipleship is a fundamental part of a student's growth. Our goal is to partner with parents in equipping their student to grow in their relationship with God and learn to live out their faith in the world. We offer an in-depth study of the scriptures; we focus on prayer and the devotional life of the student to help them learn and grow in their walk with God. We also assist parents and support our students by developing spiritual disciplines that will equip them to become mature and faithful Christians.

As a Classical school, we adhere to the Trivium model which is divided into three developmental time periods for learning: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric stages. The goal of the Trivium is to enhance the student’s learning through these progressive stages.

In the Grammar School, we want students to embrace knowledge; in the Logic School, to evaluate what they have learned; and in the Rhetoric School to clearly express knowledge, articulate truth, and communicate their core convictions in an intelligent manner. We embrace the wealth of our western civilization by immersing our students in quality literature, music, history, Latin, art, Science, and math to cultivate an appreciation for truth, goodness, beauty, and the treasures of knowledge and wisdom.

As a Charlotte Mason school, we incorporate her teachings. She believes that education is an atmosphere (enriched environment), a discipline, and a life. We include ‘living books’, nature studies, character training, habits of the heart, and manners.

As a Conservatory of Fine Arts School, we provide classes and training as part of our core curriculum. Each student in grades K-5th grade receives piano lessons. We currently provide art, music, and drama. As the school grows and we add the Logic and Rhetoric Schools, we will provide band, choir, orchestra, and a Fine Arts Studio for those who want to develop their gifts and talents on a deeper level.

With the Character training we seek to develop habits of the heart in our students such as truth, goodness, love, and kindness. With the Charity program, we seek to develop hearts for service with strategic service projects for each grade level.

The Children’s Garden is an important part of our curriculum. The students are actively involved in the planning, planting, and caring of the gardens to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables. We believe that gardening cultivates positive skills for a lifetime.

Our Curriculum provides instruction in these core subjects for the Grammar SchoolBible, History, Reading, Language Arts (Grammar, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting), Math, Science, STEAM, P.E., Tech as a Tool, Spanish for K-2, and Latin for grades 3-5. Most of our curriculum is from Memoria Press which is consistent with our core values.

When we add the Logic and Rhetoric Schools, the students will also have Latin, Debate, Apologetics, World Views, Leadership, and AP and dual credit options will be available.

Special Classes for the Grammar School include Art, Music, Spanish, Piano, P.E.,

STEM, and Gardening.

Philosophy for Our Curriculum:

We are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for our students. We hold our students to high academic standards, expecting them to demonstrate hard work, dedication, and a commitment to loving God through the learning process. We foster a culture of academic rigor and achievement, with the goal of making disciples and preparing our students to be lifelong learners and leaders.

At our school, we strive for excellence in every aspect of student life. We focus on providing our students with a rigorous academic program, as well as opportunities for personal growth and development. We promote leadership and service, providing students with the opportunity to make a positive impact in their community. Through our commitment to excellence, we strive to create an environment where students can thrive and become successful, responsible citizens in the Kingdom of God.

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