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Our Story


Logos Christian School was established on the principle of making disciples of Christ Jesus, teaching them to do all that he had commanded. Through our unique disciple-centered approach to teaching, we strive to equip each student with the skills and knowledge they need to answer the call of the great commission.


We strive to create an environment that is both academically and spiritually enriching for families preparing and equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to live a life of purpose and excellence.

We are committed to providing a quality education that is rooted in biblical principles. As we continue to answer the biblical call to the great commission, we look forward to assisting parents in helping their students define their purpose in life for the glory of God. 

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through an intentional Christian education that develops the whole student to the conformity of Jesus Christ for the glory of God the Father.

Our Mission as a biblical centered Christian school, we seek to assist parents by helping them to develop Christian leaders (disciples of Christ) who loves the Lord God with all of their heart (mind), soul (being) and strength (might) in order to possess the qualities of a diligent and reasoned faith, a Spirit led moral compass, a strong command of language, are well read, well rounded, and being faithful stewards of all God’s creation for His glory.


Saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, as revealed by Scripture alone, to the glory of God alone.







Dr. Terren Dames

Founder, Executive

Jody Capehart

School Head

Stacy Dames

School Board

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